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Gross Airport FoodBack to Adelita's Grill for BreakfastOur favourite meal of the trip!Lunch on the beachThe best french toast!Desserts that sounded interestingRuben's HamburgersBreakfast Again at Ita'sCharcoal BBQ dinnerWalking along the beach got us really hungryPatio Mexica for breakfastBack at Anys for more quesadillasSnack Time by the PoolThey couldn't get our order correct...Searching for good coffeeA break from eating outPizza in MexicoHighest rated restaurant on Trip AdvisorThe best Americano coffeeThe best quesadilla!The reason we came back to this restaurantBreakfast at the resort restaurantFirst dinner at the resortMexicana Plane FoodLa Cardanel LunchBuffet Breakfast in Mexico CityItalianni's LunchBandidos, our last dinner in ZihuatanejoLa Casa Cafe for BreakfastAny's part 2Brunch at Paty'sZi Dinner part 2Frank's in IxtapaAmuleto DinnerLunch at the Surf ClubMexican PastriesRestaurantes Mexicanos Tamales y Atoles AnyHomemade BreakfastsHomemade Dinner and LunchLunch at The Fat MermaidZi BreakfastZi DinnerOur first Mexican fast foodMexicana breakfast