About BiteMe

BiteMe is a daily photoblog of the food in our lives since March 2007. We highlight our favourite restaurants, new restaurants we've been dying to try, some bad eating experiences, interesting food items we come across and even some of our own homemade concoctions.

BiteMe posts a new entry every day and alternates between Andrea's and Nelson's posts. The majority of posts are about Toronto restaurants because we live here, but we love posting food pics from vacations. If it is a commercial establishment, our review will usually include an Urbanspoon link where you can find more information on the restaurant.

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About Dre and Nelson

Andrea Andrea is very dedicated to fitness and keeping active because her weakness in life is eating too much. She likes to try out new foods and does her due diligence to research the best places to eat while visiting another city. Her favourite types of food is Italian, Chinese, Cheesecake, and Coffee. Ironically, she doesn't like cheese - only if it's been baked (like in pasta or on nachos) and you can’t taste it because it’s been smothered in sauce. Don't get her started on that debate.

Photo Equipment used:

  • Currently, her Canon ELPH 300 HS and iPhone camera
  • Occassionally, Mike's Canon 5D
  • Formerly, Fuji Finepix 2600, Sony P10, Canon XTI, SD1100

Her recipe go to's:

  • Allrecipes
  • Friends
  • Experiment (usually a hit or miss)
  • LCBO's Food and Drink magazines

Weirdest Thing She's Eaten

Nelson Nelson has been a life-long eater of food. Ever since he's been spoiled by his mom's award winning cooking, he's had a love for eating good food. And ever since the invention of the digital camera, he has complemented his love of food with photographing said food. Since he also enjoys blogging (rarely now), BiteMe is a cumulation of all that is good. Nelson loves to try new foods and flavours. His favourite cuisine is East Asian because of the sheer variety and versatility, but he does enjoy a good steak.

Photo Equipment used:

  • Sony RX100 since Fall 2014
  • Canon S95 - Impressed so far, pocketable and takes great pictures!
  • Formerly Canon SD870IS - Good Riddance!
  • Formerly Sony DSC-P73

Recipes taken from:

  • Mom
  • Experimentation
  • Internet

Nelson enjoys these food blogs:

Special Thanks

  • To k3v for hosting this site.
  • To Pixelpost for the free software