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The New Grazie at Vaughan Mills

Posted: 10/30/09

The New Grazie at Vaughan Mills

Restaurant: Grazie Vaughan

dre @ Rutherford and Jane: A new Grazie Ristorante opened up by Vaughan Mills, so we ventured there to partake.

The waiter recommended an appetizer called Polpettone, a large meatball (3 of them in this case) braised in tomato sauce with cheese. It was pretty good.

I had the Firenze Pizza - potatoes, pesto, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, diced tomatoes and a touch of mozzarella. It was really large, but I found it too dry. I liked the potato slivers on top. That was unique.

Mike had the Catrina Pasta - spinach linguini with grilled chicken, pancetta (cured bacon), diced onions and black peppercorn.

My mom had the seafood pasta special. My dad had the Milano pasta - snow peas, sun-dried tomatoes, and grilled chicken in a cream sauce.

We were all pretty full from the dishes, but wanted to try a dessert. We shared a banana chocolate chip cake. I wouldn't get it again - it was way too sweet!

I am impressed with the portion sizes! Either my stomach has shrunk (it most likely has), or I snacked on a lot of bread and appetizer, but everyone found the pasta portions just perfect!

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