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31 Cent Scoops at 31 Flavours

Posted: 10/19/09

31 Cent Scoops at 31 Flavours

Restaurant: Baskin_Robbins Kitchener_Waterloo

Nelson @ Baskin Robbins: I can't resist 31 cent scoops. It's for charity to support local firefighters, who come out to help serve ice cream and bring their equipment to show off. Although I think it's mostly for the children, I asked to go sit up in the driver seat of a fire engine. That was fun :)

I tried Tea & Scones, Mint Chocolate chip and Jamoca Almonds. The tea and scones described as a mild tea ice cream with a mixed berry ribbon and delicious scone pieces was a very subtle flavour and was only ok. It did taste a little like tea. Mint chocolate chip is a classic, although this one wasn't the best I've ever had, because I prefer chunks of chocolate in the ice cream. The Jamoca Almonds with roasted almonds and rich chocolate fudge ribbon was really sweet and luckily I had it last.

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  • You should come over and eat our mint chocolate ice cream. I'm the only that likes it, and I ate some, but then I just bought 3 tubs of Ben and Jerry's so the mint chocolate chip (with chunks of chocolate) is left sitting in the freezer haha
    dre @ 2009-10-19
  • i'll come eat ur ice cream!...the line was too long, so i didnt wait. but i'm glad you had enough ice cream for both of us lol
    Kitty @ 2009-10-19
  • wasn't this back in April??
    Tea @ 2009-10-19
  • Yes, it was way back then. I have a half year backlog.
    Nelson @ 2009-11-04

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