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ChiuChow Style Restaurant

Posted: 10/15/09

ChiuChow Style Restaurant

Restaurant: ChiuChow_Man_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson @ ChiuChow Man Chinese Restaurant: I ate lunch at this Chiu Chow style restaurant with my mother. This region in China is on the Mainland, approximately between Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their most famous dish is called in English on the menu: House Special Marinated Duck. A literal Chinese translation would be House Specialty Duck in Brine. Regardless of what it is called, it is really good. The duck is fairly fatty, with a great texture in your mouth. The sauce is salty and sour which results in a sharp taste and altogether results in a very distinctive taste. It's hard to describe, but I really enjoy it.

The next dish is a pan fried radish cake with spicy XO sauce. It's different from the regular stuff you get from Congee Wong/Queen and I would say not as good.

Lastly is a preserved pork sausage and chicken rice in hot pot. I love these steamed rice with meat dishes - I want to learn how to make them because they seem simple to prepare. I think the hardest part is cooking it just the right amount so that the hardened rice next to the bowl is just hard enough so that it is edible and won't break any teeth. The rest of the rice is soak completely in the juices of the meat so that even the rice alone is a joy to eat.

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