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Pizza Nova Customer Appreciation Day

Posted: 10/13/09

Pizza Nova Customer Appreciation Day

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Pizza_Nova

Nelson @ Pizza Nova: Every year Pizza Nova has a customer appreciation sale where they have medium pepperoni pizzas for $3.99. I always took advantage of this in university, especially since there is one right beside campus. This year I decided to get some because I can't resist a good deal. And of course I had to buy the maximum number, two, and feast on this for 3 meals that week.


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  • I made my coworkers line up one year at pizza nova, but the wait was too long and they had meetings. So we never got any pizza that year. :(
    dre @ 2009-10-13
  • You can always try again next year! This one by U of Waterloo is a student line and really long - this picture doesn't do it justice.
    Nelson @ 2009-10-16

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