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Sandwiches downstairs

Posted: 10/20/09

Sandwiches downstairs

Restaurant: Pumpernickels Toronto

dre @ Consilium and Progress: Downstairs in my building at work is a Pumpernickels. Many people come here to eat lunch, because it is only one of the two places to choose from. And because of the scarce selection, the prices are super inflated. (Most people walk to the mall for cheaper alternatives.)

I went there to eat once because i was really craving their schnitzel sandwich. It is quite a monstrous sandwich and almost decently priced. As you can see, there are three layers of meat in the sandwich! It tastes pretty good, and I'm usually satisfied after eating this.


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  • How odd... I work at the same building. Just take the effort to walk to STC.
    Daniel @ 2009-10-20

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