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Mark and Therese's Wedding

Posted: 10/07/09

Mark and Therese's Wedding

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Mark & Therese's Wedding: This reception was held at a Golf Club north of Toronto with a beautiful clubhouse with floor to ceiling windows facing the golf course.

A soup and salad started us off: Basil Infused Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and a Five Leaf California Greens drizzled with an aged balsamic vinaigrette. Nothing too unique yet as both were decent. The pre dinner appetizer was a generous cheese spread (not pictured), which was really good.

Next was a Tortellini, stuffed with a romano cheese and farm fresh spinach, enveloped in a creamy Pesto sauce. I took a picture of Kitty's plate, because my plate had literally 7 Tortellinis. I finished mine in three bites.

The main was a tenderloin of beef and fresh griled chicken accompanied by a wild mushroom hunter sauce. Fresh seasonal vegetable medley and seasoned oven toasted red and white skinned potatoes. Once again, the chicken breat had a bone sticking out of it! The chicken itself was really good considering how chicken usually turns out. It was juicy and tasty and even better than the beef. Surprising!

The dessert was velvety smooth creme brulee new york style cheesecake garnished with a chocolate and fruit drizzle. Decent, although I've had better "new york" cheesecake.

There was a dessert table, but I didn't try too many items. I did sneak a few of the more unique items on the way out, just because I wanted to try them.

The wedding cake was topped with a pair of rings. I liked their bonbonniere, which was M&M's custom printed with personalized phrases. It was a nice touch!


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