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Magic Wok

Posted: 10/08/09

Magic Wok

Restaurant: Magic_Wok

dre @ 14th and Kennedy: Mike's family really likes this restaurant, so we frequent it for family dinners. The first time I came, I didn't really like the food because everything we had was deep fried and it wasn't very good. This time around, the adults ordered better dishes, and I'm only showing some of the many dishes we had.

We ate two different bird's nest dishes, which was a treat. One had chicken and the other had assorted seafood. The bottom dish is fried squid, and it's one of my favourite things to get at dim sum as well.

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  • I go there with family like once every 2 weeks.
    My mom usually puts "give us a good birds nest" when she orders so the birdnest come more fresh. haha

    ya, good food there.
    Ben @ 2009-10-09
  • Unfortunately I haven't been there :( Even though my friend's parent's are the (co-?)owners.
    Nelson @ 2009-10-09
  • I know I can't believe you haven't gone there Nelson!! You're missing out on the BEST CHINESE FOOD in Toronto. Chinese bus food tours from NYC include Magic Wok on their itinerary.
    Lor - Petite in the City @ 2011-03-16

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