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Bar Italia in Little Italy

Posted: 10/16/09

Bar Italia in Little Italy

Restaurant: Bar_Italia Toronto

dre @ College and Clinton: I met up with my neighbours from university, because Narinder had returned to Toronto for a visit from Burkina Faso. She suggested this restaurant in Little Italy, and we all made it out despite the night of the tornado and crazy storm. We sought shelter in the back of the restaurant, far away from the windows at the front just in case the storm got really violent in downtown Toronto.

I had the Orechiette with roasted chicken breast, peppers, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes in a pesto and extra virgin olive oil sauce. The dish was really tasty and the pasta was very fresh.

Yuan had the Fish of the Day (forgot what it was) that came with butternut squash risotto and sautéed season veggies in a lemon cutter sauce.

Jill had the Risotto served with smoked chicken, crimini mushrooms, baby spinach, plum tomatoes, basil and Asiago cheese.

Narinder had the Capellini with mixed veggies, mushrooms, garlic, oregano and tomatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil.

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  • love it :) I was very happy that you all made it despite the crapo weather :) Grand you do this for all meals???
    Narinder @ 2009-10-17

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