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Happy Jade Banquet

Posted: 09/27/09

Happy Jade Banquet

Restaurant: Happy_Jade

Nelson @ Happy Jade: I usually go here for dim sum, but this time we were here for a full banquet!

The first dish was the combination meat platter, which I often enjoy more than just the roast pig, even though it is cheaper.

Walnuts were a nice touch to this chicken and seafood dish. Through wedding shopping I learned that squid is considered "cheap"

The shrimp balls and fried mild were presently nicely, they were only ok.

We didn't have Shark Fin soup (save the sharks!) thankfully.

This was a free range chicken. It was very very lean, almost too lean.

Chicken feet with mushroom and veggies. I'm not a huge fan in chicken feet, so I didn't partake.

Fried Chicken was pretty typical. This dish is only good while freshly fried.

The steamed fish was finished quickly since we had so many people. It was a little small, but tasted really good. Very firm meat.

The lobsters were pretty small too, but I got quite a few pieces since it seemed like the adults were kinda lazy.

Fried rice and noodles ended our meal nicely. There was a lot leftover by this point.

Dessert followed, where the almond cookies came with sesame balls. I like both of these baked goods and it was hard to resist eating more of these!

The banquet was ok. You get what you pay for I suppose.

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  • At my nephew's month old dinner, instead of the steamed fish, we got a pan fried fillet version. I thought that was pretty cool because my cousin knew that the fillet would be better enjoyed by our table.
    dre @ 2009-09-29

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