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Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine

Posted: 09/21/09

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine

Nelson @ Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine: This is a Hwy 7 and 400 Chinese restaurant that claims to server fusion food, but I think a more accurate description is a Chinese restaurant with good presentation. We saw many dishes that were really nicely presented and looked appetizing. We saw so many dishes because we were here inquiring about having a wedding there and walked around while sneaking peaks at the other diner's food. It was around dinner time and we decided to eat there. I was hoping to get better service/portions since we were inquiring about having a wedding there. And they disappointed.

The service was really really slow for some reason. We finished the appetizer of nuts and seaweed salad fairly quickly. Since I wanted to order dishes that would be sorta similar to a wedding banquet, I ordered a fried chicken. This came out hot and was really tasty. But then the next dish I think took over 20 minutes to arrive. It was a nicely presented seafood bird's nest and tasted really good, but they should have had this dish out sooner. Deep fry the taro nest and stir fry the seafood and you are done. The last dish a vegetarian Buddha's bowl arrived the very last and this I can understand taking longer. It was ok. To finish was a red bean soup dessert.

After spending almost 2 hours here, I didn't like this place anymore and we decided not to consider this place. Yes that is harsh.

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