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Mike's Fancy Birthday

Posted: 10/06/09

Mike's Fancy Birthday

Restaurant: SkyLounge

dre @ Bloor and Avenue: For Mike's birthday, we strayed from our usual steak meal. Instead, his dad had this idea to go to the Intercontinental Hotel and eat at the restaurant there. There is a more complicated story to why he chose this restaurant, but that is not for this blog. Anyway, the restaurant was closed for private function, so instead, we went to the "Sky Lounge", which I suspect is the same kitchen as the main restaurant, Signatures.

The bread came with some dips - roasted pepper, a spicy dip, and a garlic butter (I think). Among the 6 of us, we shared the 3 types of platters they had.

Seafood Platter - garlic shrimp, grilled calamari, mussels, oysters, sea smelts, crusty baguette.

Mediterranean Mix Grill Platter - grilled lamb rack, striploin mini steak, wild boar sausage, cured ham, roast garlic, grilled lemon, roasted tomato, crusty baguette.

Vegetable Platter - pesto rubbed sourdough, buffalo mozzarella, vine ripe cherry tomatoes, eggplant salad, confit of mushrooms, asparagus, roast pimento, kalamata olives, saffron chickpea cous cous

We ordered appetizers as well - Bocadilo Trio - pulled pork, beef tenderloin, chorizo. These are the sandwiches beside the veggie platter.

We also got Sky Frites - matchstick, sweet potato, lemonnaise

The restaurants gave us free chocolate dipped strawberries for Mike's birthday. If we only knew how large they were, we wouldn't have ordered the Signatures Chocolate Sampler - white chocolate truffle ice cream, dark chocolate olive oil mousse, warm cookie dough, chocolate profiterole. That turned out to be quite disappointing.

All this food was definitely enough for all of us and we were really stuffed after the meal. The appetizers and the desserts were definitely quite pricey. The main dishes were really tasty and the shared plates were a good deal.

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