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Hamilton Family Festival

Posted: 10/04/09

Hamilton Family Festival

Restaurant: none

dre: One Sunday afternoon, we forwent the Taste of the Danforth to avoid crowds and drove into Hamilton to go to a Family Festival. Hamilton has a Gage Park, and to those that know Brampton, we also have a Gage Park. Except our Gage Park is at a corner of an intersection and Hamilton's Gage Park actually takes up a couple acres of land.

There was a carnival set up, similar to Ribfest, with removable rides, food stations set up, and other tents with different local artists and businesses set up to showcase their products. After looking at all the food choices, we decided on Denningers Foods of the World. (Europe must mean "The World" to Denningers.) I had a German sausage which I didn't think too highly of, and Mike had a Pork schnitzel. He later told me that he tried Jen's chicken schnitzel and it was much better.

We also decided to get fries. The crinkled-cut potatoes with the spices were a little soggy, but the fresh cut fries were the best!

We indulged in dessert and got a cinnamon elephant ear (aka American version of beaver tail) and a fully loaded funnel cake. YUM!


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