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Sarah and Matt's Wedding

Posted: 10/02/09

Sarah and Matt's Wedding

Restaurant: Elite

dre @ Albion Rd and Hwy 27: After Sarah and Matt's ceremony, there were refreshments in the church basement. I had missed the ones from my wedding, so I made sure I ate my share of that day as well here. I had 2 woo koks, 2 egg tarts, some chips, fruit, and sushi rolls. I heard some Caucasian ladies say, "I have no idea what I just ate, but it was delicious!"

Their centrepiece was a fruit basket that they picked out themselves a couple days prior to the wedding. We were sitting with this Japanese family and were teaching them the English words to the fruits. I found it interesting that they peeled every one of their fruit before they ate, even the grapes. I don't even think twice about the cleanliness of my fruit from the grocery store from everyone picking at it and the poorly washed job I do before I eat it.

The appetizers came on a platter and we especially enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms. We finished ours off fairly quickly and I even snacked off the platter at the receiving table while saying hi to Sarah's bridesmaids who were manning the table.

The dinner was buffet style, and I got a bit of everything. The dishes had a Caucasian-Asian flair, from tortellini, salmon, and mixed vegetables to stir-fry noodles, chicken and beef. I thoroughly enjoyed the pasta salad and noodles and had seconds.

The cake was a delicious lemon pound cake and I definitely got seconds. The rest of the desserts were gobbled up incredibly quickly, and I never got to try any.


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