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The BBQ where I had the best burgers!

Posted: 09/30/09

The BBQ where I had the best burgers!

Restaurant: none

dre: Back in high school, we would go to Jen's house to swim in her pool in the summer. Her mom would make the best burgers I've ever had! There were so juicy, and had onions in them and I always got seconds (or thirds) Mmm... thinking about those days makes me drool.

So when I met up with my high school buds at Adrian and Amanda's place for a BBQ, I requested that Jen bring over some of her mom's homemade burgers. Her parents are the greatest. They already made a batch for Jen to bring over before she had a chance to go buy ingredients. They were just as I remembered - so juicy and tasty. I made sure I got the recipe.

I brought over a bread pudding to bake. I probably used the wrong type of dish, because it took forever to bake! I am definitely not a baker. I should really learn to pay attention to details because baking is one of those things where you mess up one thing and the whole dish is ruined.

This bread pudding turned out a bit soggy at the bottom, but the top (non soggy part) was not too bad, though a little sweet, even though I halved the sugar called in the recipe.


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  • Those were good burgers, and your photos do them justice. Although, that is a lot of ketchup. Good bread pudding also, I personally liked the sweetness level of it.
    Eddy @ 2009-09-30

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