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Wok on Yonge Veggie Items

Posted: 09/17/09

Wok on Yonge Veggie Items

Restaurant: Wok_On_Yonge

Nelson @ Wok on Yonge: Their vegetarian items are more unique.

The visually pleasing first picture is chilled spinach with Osmanthus. Not sure what osmanthus tastes like, but this was a unique way of presenting spinach. Too bad there was so little of it!

I really like the "chilled vegetable roll smoked with tea fragrance". The flavour is so smokey and the ingredients have a nice feel in your mouth as you eat it.

Yes, the next one has meat (conpoy), but it is mostly vegetarian as the large melon ring is the predominant ingredient.

Then the desserts include lotus root cake with lotus seed and Osmanthus pastry with pine nuts. I really should figure out what this osmanthus ingredient really is...

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  • Looks interesting, but they mostly only came in 2's! Were you full afterwards?
    dre @ 2009-09-17
  • I was with light eaters and we did some double orders (not pictured) so I was ok. I wasn't stuffed or anything, but Hara hachi bu (Japanese for 80% full)
    Nelson @ 2009-09-19

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