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Preston and Novan's Wedding

Posted: 09/24/09

Preston and Novan's Wedding

Restaurant: Intercontinental

dre @ Bloor and Avenue: Preston and Novan had their wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel Yorkdale on Bloor Street. The kitchen was most likely from Signatures, the restaurant that is located in the hotel.

I never remember to take pictures of the hors d'oeuvres because I'm probably too busy trying to hunt them down because I'm starved at this point (let's not mention that I may be double fisting at this time as well).

I love the look of wedding cakes, so I always make sure I get a picture of it. This cake was chocolate, I think, and made by one of their friends.

Dinner was served with bread and Caesar salad. I don't like Caesar, so I didn't touch the salad. When the waiter came by to collect the plates, he said I could have told them and they would have made something else for me! I don't know if everyone gets treated like this or because I was sitting at the head table.

The Nova Scotia Crab Cakes with Organic Corn Seedlings, Chives & Spanish Piquillo Coulis appetizer was delicious! I even ate half of Mike's.

I had the fish entrée. It was a Teriyaki Glazed Black Cod, Baby Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms, Crispy Jasmine Rice Cake, Garnished with Tempura Beans. The fish was pretty smooth and the only complaint about the dish was the "Crispy Jasmine Rice Cake", which was really old hard rice.

Mike ate the Seared Beef Tenderloin with Morel Mushrooms, Baby Vegetables, Truffled Potato Gratin. The steak was very tender and tasty from the small piece I tried.

For dessert, we were served cheesecake with strawberry sauce and of course, late into the night was the dessert table with chocolate fountain and other cakes.


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