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Homemade Parmigiana

Posted: 09/20/09

Homemade Parmigiana

Restaurant: none

dre: I had some leftover breadcrumbs, so I decided to make parmigiana. My parents gave me some tofu from their fridge that was expiring soon. I breaded it with eggs and bread crumbs, fried it just enough to make the breading a little brown, and dumped sauce into the baking dish and spread cheese on top. I used a can of President's Choice brand pasta sauce. Then I baked it.

With chicken breast, I used a can of No Name brand pasta sauce and did the same thing as I did with the tofu.

They both turned out pretty tasty, even though the soft tofu kept breaking apart. As for the sauces, I found the No Name better tasting. The PC version was saltier.


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  • At first I thought the tofu was a big chunk of cheese!

    Both look really good. What cut of meat did you use for chicken?
    Nelson @ 2009-09-25

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