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Dynasty Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum

Posted: 09/16/09

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum

Restaurant: Dynasty_Chinese_Cuisine

dre @ Bloor and Avenue: For Preston and Novan's rehearsal lunch, we headed to Dynasty. I've seen this place when I lived downtown, but never ventured in knowing that it was too expensive for my student budget.

The first dish is a noodle wrapped in BBQ pork, or cha siu cheung. It's one of Mike's favourites (but anything with cha siu is his favourite).

The second dish is tripe. I love this stuff! One time we took our Russian friend Pavel to dim sum, and told him to try this dish out. I'm sure he didn't really like the texture, but would have tried another piece. However, we told him that tripe was the lining of the cow's intestine and he completely lost his appetite for the rest of the day.

The Shanghai noodle dish was really small, and our Yin Yang rice filled us up.

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  • I didn't know you liked tripe!
    Nelson @ 2009-09-16
  • LOVE tripe... the only thing I really want in my pho noodles too!
    dre @ 2009-09-17

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