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Pre-Game Salad King

Posted: 09/12/09

Pre-Game Salad King

Restaurant: Salad_King

dre @ Yonge and Gould: Before heading to a Blue Jays' game, lunch was eaten at Salad King. My favourite two dishes are shown above - Chicken Panang Curry and Siam Noodles. I think the reason I really like those 2 dishes is the use of coconut milk in the sauces. The noodle dish also has a lot of peanuts as well!

So if you've never been to Salad King before, they have certain dishes that are specials. By special, it just means that you get a drink for free. The drink could either be a can of pop or a small bottle of juice. Now, the last time I came with Jen and had the special, the waiter offered either the free drink or he would take the difference off the meal if I decided not to get a drink.

This time when I got the special (Panang Curry), I asked if they had the option of foregoing the drink and getting the monetary discount instead. This waiter looked at me if I was stupid, so I had to get a Coke.

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