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Bombay Bhel with an Indian couple

Posted: 08/30/09

Bombay Bhel with an Indian couple

Restaurant: Bombay_Bhel

Nelson @ Bombay Bhel: Reety and Tarun, an Indian couple, took us out to an Indian restaurant. I've always wanted to have Indian people take me out for Indian food.

The first dish is a Chicken Tikka Masala. Their Tandoori chicken tikka cooked with green peppers in a rich spicy sauce. This dish always looks good and tastes good. I don't think I've ever had this dish taste bad. It was a little spicy, which I liked, but after a while I had to reach for some water. And it wasn't even that spicy. I need to work on my spice tolerance.

Next is the Achari Tikka, tender cubes of chicken marinated in pickling spices. Unfortunately my taste is not refined enough (yet) to distinguish this between another curry dish. I didn't taste any hint of the pickling spices, it just tasted thick and tasty.

The usual appetizer/bread at Indian restaurants is the Papadum, this one had some green sauce that went along with it. Usually I find this a little too salty, but this one wasn't. We finished this one quickly at the beginning of the meal.

The last main was paneer makhni. Cubes of their homemade cottage cheese cooked in a velvety cream and tomato sauce. The sauce was a little different from the previous dish, but not by a whole lot. I need to refine my taste for Indian food. I like paneer, but it's not better than meat.

Last is the best part of the meal. The garlic Naan. I've never had this before as I always ordered the plain one, but this is really really good and made the meal that much better. You don't even need to dip it in anything as the taste is already very strong. I ate it alongside the Tandoori chicken and used the plain naan with the dishes with sauce. This stuff is soo good and I think I'll always order from now on.

The amount of food was just right, as I tend to overeat at buffets because the sauces are so heavy. I can't wait to learn more about Indian cuisine!

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  • The first time I had garlic naan was at an Indian restaurant in HK. Yummy!
    dre @ 2009-09-04

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