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Blue Mountain Cooking

Posted: 08/28/09

Blue Mountain Cooking

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Blue Mountain: On a overnight trip to Blue Mountain, we brought food to cook in our kitchen. We made a whole bunch of chicken legs that were slightly burnt...yet some were still raw inside. The stove really sucked.

A korean friend brough up these homemade buns that were absolutely delicious. Not sure what where in them, but they were so good.

We cooked two large slices of skate fish. Unfortunatly this came out after we had finsihed and I only had a little bit. The bones are annoying in this fish, but once you get to the meat it is good.

Lastly, we had pasta with shrimp in a white sauce and garlic bread. Unfortunately we overcooked the pasta, but otherwise it was good. After a long day of skiing this meal tasted great.


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