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Posted: 09/10/09


Restaurant: Scores

dre @ Queen and Airport: Scores is a restaurant that opened up recently in the plaza at Queen St. and Airport Rd. It features rotisserie chicken, so I definitely wanted to try it to compare to Swiss Chalet and St. Hubert's.

If you order a rotisserie chicken entrée or a rib entrée, you get access to the all-you-can-eat salad and fruit bar (and soup). I went several times and filled my plate with pasta salads, couscous, veggies and had 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup. Pretty generic stuff. My double leg chicken was dry and the gravy sauce was very salty. The garlic mashed potato tasted fine.

Mike ordered the chicken pot pie which was pretty good. Like Swiss Chalet, the crust does not encompass the whole pie - just the top. The fries were a big disappointment, and the buns weren't like Swiss Chalet's!

This franchise is from Quebec and trying to expand out west. I will probably give it another chance in a couple of months (if they don't fold first).

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