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Litehouse Seafood Car and Grill

Posted: 09/02/09

Litehouse Seafood Car and Grill

Restaurant: Litehouse_Seafood_Bar_and_Grill

dre @ Bristol and McLaughlin: This was formerly Lucy's Seafood Kitchen and Cafe. Lucy's has a couple of other locations around Mississauga, so I was surprised when I called them up and learned that it's been changed to Litehouse Seafood Bar and Grill. I believe the chef stayed, bought out the place and runs it himself. The menu is very similar to Lucy's.

I had the Backwoods Bayou Jambalaya - Cajun chicken, shrimp, Andouille sausage, sweet peppers, onions in a thick & hearty spicy Creole sauce, served over rice. I thought it was pretty interesting that the rice was simply white rice instead of mixing it together with the dish before serving. The dish was pretty spicy and I had to ask for many refills of water.

Cedric had the fish and chips. It was pretty good, but I enjoyed the thin fries more.

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