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Free Popeyes Chicken Day!

Posted: 05/19/07

Free Popeyes Chicken Day!

Restaurant: Popeyes Toronto

dre: Remember April 16, 2007? How can you forget? It was FREE POPEYES DAY! 2 pieces for FREE!!! Fred bought the cajun mashed potatoes for me to try, but it tasted like regular mashed potatoes

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  • I've never had Popeyes before, apparently it's supposed to be New Orleans style, I think? Compare that to "Kentucky" style. I remember the first time they came out with extra crispy coating which had all those extra flakey bits. It was so gross. Popeye's reminds me of that. However, I do admit that as a kid I LOVED the kind of dry KFC breast piece and eating it with white rice. Mmm..carbs and fat.
    Matt @ 2007-05-23
  • I just went down to the States and had it myself for the 2nd or 3rd time in my life. It was satisfying at first and gross a little later...just like KFC
    Nelson @ 2007-05-23

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