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Wendy's Baconator (is nasty)

Posted: 08/24/09

Wendy's Baconator (is nasty)

Restaurant: Wendys

Nelson @ Wendy's: You have to try it was a mistake.

2 beef patties. 2 slices of cheese. 6 strips of bacon. Mayo and ketchup.

Only 1 gram of fibre.

When I was eating this, it felt like I was biting into a soft mass of fat. So soft and oily. The texture was the scariest thing about this and the mayo and ketchup didn't help. It's a good thing to have different textures in your food, but this had just the same texture throughout. All I could think of was how it was it going to come out of me.

It was so gross that I couldn't finish it. I like my vegetables in my burgers, but this had the exact opposite. What a waste of 830 calories and 460 from fat.


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  • Looking at this gives me heartburn.
    dre @ 2009-08-25

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