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Vineland Mains - Bison and Beef

Posted: 08/16/09

Vineland Mains - Bison and Beef

Restaurant: Vineland_Estates_Winery

Nelson @ Vineland Estates Winery: Because our meal was prepaid as part of a package, we were very chinese and ordered the most expensive items on the menu (I'm sure they still made money on us though, even with the included bottle of wine to take home).

I had the Iron Seared Bison with Spiced Speatzle, Rapini and Elderberry Jus. It tasted much like beef but with a stronger taste. It was a good cut and my rare piece was excellent. The speatzle was ok as I don't like it that much in general because it's just fried flour and egg. I don't recall it being spicy, probably because it was adjusted for a western palate. I'm not sure if it was really Iron seared, but I don't think it matters.

Kitty had the Cumbrae Aged Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Parsnip Veloute and rich Mushroom Jus. It was also really well made and tasted excellent rare. It looks very similar to my meal. Both included bok choy, which I always dislike because it's like an everyday food for chinese people and is not special whatsoever.

Even though they weren't huge portions, it was still very filling - especially since it tasted so good!


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  • Good looking food for a good looking couple!! I'm learning to chew and eat slower when dining at fine places with smaller portions. I supposed you enjoy it better that way.
    dre @ 2009-08-17
  • That's a really good idea. Plus if you wait long enough you will feel full, because there is usually a lot of fat/butter/oil in fine dining dishes.
    Nelson @ 2009-08-18

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