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Vineland Appetizers

Posted: 08/14/09

Vineland Appetizers

Restaurant: Vineland_Estates_Winery

Nelson @ Vineland Estates Winery: I took Kitty here during Valentine's weekend and we had an excellent meal at Vineland. I also happened to propose after this and she said yes, so something here must have been good.

The bread was very fresh and they provided olive oil and balsamic vineagar in a plate that looks like it was made specifically for this purpose. While we waited for the appetizers, a pair of fresh oysters came out much to our surprise. Oyster happens to be Kitty's favourite food too (and they are also an aphrodisiac)!

I had the Mixed Grain Risotto with Chestnuts, dried Cranberry and Prosciutto Crisp. The crisp was extremely crisp as you can probably tell from the picture. It was very salty (like all prosciutto) and the crispness contrasted with the soft chestnuts, tomatoes and risotto. The risotto was ok, I prefer mine wetter, but it was still good. I've never eaten a dish with chestnuts before and there were also a nice surprise as they were warm and soft.

Kitty had the Hand-Cut Stracciatella with braised rabbit, Ontario Goldn Squash and Pistachio Pesto. This was quite big for an appetizer (especially at a fancy restaurant). The rabbit wasn't very meaty, but I didn't mind. The pasta was Al Dente and tasted very fresh, although Kitty thought it was too hard, whereas I liked it.

A good start to the meal!


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  • Appetizer w/ pasta? Awesome!
    dre @ 2009-08-17

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