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Metro Gypsy Schnitzel

Posted: 08/18/09

Metro Gypsy Schnitzel

Restaurant: Metro

Nelson @ Metro: This Kitchener restaurant near my work is really unassuming on the outside and inside, but they know how to make excellent schnitzel. They have all sorts of different types with a variety of toppings and styles of breading. Pictured is a Gypsy Schnitzel, which I think is the healthiest option because of the vegetables. With some buttery mashed potatoes and a greek salad, this is an awesome lunch meal.

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  • um i love this place as well! i like the bbq chicken
    Kitty @ 2009-08-18
  • They have BBQ chicken? I didn't know that. I always order the Schnitzel.
    Nelson @ 2009-08-18

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