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Subway Italian BMT

Posted: 05/16/07

Subway Italian BMT

Restaurant: Subway

Nelson @ Subway: I like subs. This is the Italian BMT from subway, with the Italian Herb & Cheese bread.


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  • subway gives you subway BO!
    dre @ 2007-04-24
  • Ewww giant pickle pictured in your sub = gross
    Grace @ 2007-05-16
  • Trivia: what does BMT stand for!
    dre @ 2007-05-16
  • I love pickles!!!

    Wow, I just looked up BMT on Google...that's surprising, I had no idea. I thought BMT would stand for whatever mystery meats they put in there, but apparently not.
    Nelson @ 2007-05-16
  • BIG MEAT TASTE (well I made that up myself...a while ago early morning while studying for exams!)
    Grace @ 2007-05-20

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