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Landfood at Elegantview Chinese Restaurant

Posted: 08/10/09

Landfood at Elegantview Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant: Elegantview_Chinese_Restaurant

Nelson @ Elegantview Chinese Restaurant: Not only did we have all that seafood, but we started the meal with Peking Duck! It was especially good because they gave us a lot of wraps and I think I got three or four myself! They didn't make a second dish, but instead gave us the leftover duck. It was very bony, and I think getting the second dish is well worth it.

We had a sweet and sour pork. It wasn't that great as the pork wasn't very meaty.

Lastly is a dessert, a red bean soup.

This restaurant had really good seafood!

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  • The lettuce wrap is just as much fun as the original Peking duck!
    dre @ 2009-08-17

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