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Chinese New Year Feast and Durian

Posted: 08/02/09

Chinese New Year Feast and Durian

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Home: Every Chinese New Year's, my mom cooks up a huge feast. Ten is a lucky number, so she always aims for that many dishes.

For dessert, Kitty brought over a Durian. Her family loves Durian, and our family tried it. We're not huge fans, but we ate some. I'm not a huge fan of durian, but I will eat it and when it's ripe, it's pretty good.

Next is a seafood soup, filled to brim with items and vermicelli.

The brown dish is dried tofu and beef in a stew.

The vegetarian dish is my mom makes is really delicious. Not sure what makes it tastes so good, but maybe it's the oil.

Spring rolls are standard for chinese new years. I think they are suppose to represent wealth or something, like gold bricks.

Vegetables that we also eat on New Year's. Suppose to help you get wealthy too. They are a bit bitter.

My mom made her own steamed chicken, which was pretty good, almost like store bought takeout chicken.

Jellyfish with radish is one of my favourite dishes.

Pork wrapped in egg is difficult to make, but tastes pretty good. My mom only makes this once a year. They are suppose to represent gold pieces I think.

Another seafood dish with vegetables.

Lastly a fish, which we were not suppose to eat. We are suppose to leave it as leftovers to represent we will have leftovers for the rest of the year.


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  • Were the spring rolls homemade? And how do you know all these traditions? Was it explained the as meal went, or did you wiki everything? hahah
    dre @ 2009-08-03
  • My mom explained it since we were little, no need for wikipedia!
    Nelson @ 2010-04-13
  • And yes, the spring rolls are handmade, they are so good, better than any restaurant
    Nelson @ 2010-04-13

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