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New Sky Restaurant

Posted: 07/29/09

New Sky Restaurant

Restaurant: New_Sky_Restaurant

Nelson @ New Sky Restaurant: We rarely go downtown, but during Chinese New Year's we made the trek. We just happened to go on the last day of Chinese New Year's and I experienced a new (to me) Chinese tradition. People dressed in a dancing dragon outfit came into the restaurant and danced for a little bit. They then went to the door and jumped to grab a red pocket dangling from the door. Apparantly charities and similar organizations are allowed to go around to businesses on the 7th day of Chinese New Year and collect red pockets for good luck and prosperity. I've pictured the dangling red pocket and the dancing Dragon.

The first dish is a salty pork on top of chicken. This is a good dish because the (extremely) salty pork tastes really good, which complements the somewhat bland chicken. A good dish.

We had the fresh lobster with green onions and this was for lunch! We also had a Garoupa fish dish and seafood stir fry dish. Typically we order steam rice, but on this occasion we ordered a Yangchow fried rice.

A decent Chinese restaurant, especially if you want to avoid the lines at Lee Garden.

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  • Isn't that Fukien fried rice?

    I kill myself every morning looking at these pictures because I get so hungry.
    dre @ 2009-07-29
  • Yeah, I thought so too, until I looked on wikipedia and said the other way that you mention it, I think my initial thought was correct.
    Nelson @ 2009-07-29

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