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Taking all my friends to Little Mexico!

Posted: 08/19/09

Taking all my friends to Little Mexico!

Restaurant: Little_Mexico

dre: I like to introduce everyone to Little Mexico, so I suggest this restaurant every time. These pictures represent 2 occasions I went in a 5-day span and the waiter recognized me.

Top to bottom: Vegetarian Tacos (I wouldn't get it again... tastes better w/ meat), Enchiladas, Quesadillas (which look like the tacos), and the last dish is the Picadillo con Papas Y Zanahorias - ground beef cooked with potatoes and carrots. That dish was really good!

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  • Is this near Akita Sushi?.
    Nelson @ 2009-08-20
  • YES! and i will take you there too! (Maybe in the winter though cuz summer is BBQ season!)
    dre @ 2009-08-21

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