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Shoeless Joe's post Ride for Heart

Posted: 08/13/09

Shoeless Joe's post Ride for Heart

Restaurant: Shoeless_Joes

dre: After a long bike ride on the DVP (50km on paper, but really 46km in real life), a big group of us went to Shoeless Joe's to eat lunch. By the time we ate, it was about 3 hours after the ride was over and we were HUNGRY!

I didn't have my camera, so I had to steal these pics off Trudy's facebook album and enlarge them in a very amateur way. Sorry. And the last picture was from my phone. Sorry.

Anyway, Richard and I shared the nachos cuz we were extra hungry, and people mooched off us cuz they saw how yummy the nachos were.

Shoeless Joe's was having a burger special, and all the burgers were $8. Mike ate the Cajun burger which he said was really good. I had a bite, but do't recall much of it. I ordered the bison burger sliders. Shoeless Joe's really like to advertise their bison burgers, so I decided to try it. It wasn't bad. I have't concluded to how I feel about sliders as a meal. Yes, they are cute, but I think they make better snacks. And seeing 3 of them on my plate didn't seem very filling, even though it's probably the same size as a regular burger.

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  • What is up with the stuff all over the cajun burger?

    Also, for the Ride for Heart did you go on that extra leg on the way back that just goes sideways and comes back?.
    Nelson @ 2009-08-13
  • I believe it was onion rings, cheese and some creamy sauce.

    And yes, we did the whole exit off bloor/bayview and come back. I was tempted to hop the median, but I didn't and rode up and down all the hills without walking my bike!
    dre @ 2009-08-17

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