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Oxymoronic Salads

Posted: 07/27/09

Oxymoronic Salads

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Home: I love large meaty salads for some reason. I know it's oxymoronic, but still.

The first one includes a breaded chicken burger, complemented with baked bacon and chuncks of old cheddar on a bed of greens and tomatoes. Baked bacon isn't that good, but this dish was still good, especially the chunks of cheddar.

Next is a salad kit with crunchy bits. I decided to make it even more crunchy by adding some fried, crunchy bacon. With the crisp lettuce, this was a crispy salad.

Lastly is another salad kit, this time complemented with chicken fingers.


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  • Were you too lazy to.....say, cut up the meat? hahah
    dre @ 2009-07-27
  • yup, looks like it, hahaha. Maybe it will be more enjoyable that way, I'll try it next time.
    Nelson @ 2009-07-29

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