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Ethiopian Adventure

Posted: 08/07/09

Ethiopian Adventure

Restaurant: Nazareth

dre: On the west side of downtown, by Bathurst and Queen, there is a restaurant called Nazareth. It got some good reviews online, so we decided to try it out. In that mesh of food, we ordered Vegetarian, Tibs (chunks of beef or veal sauteed in butter and garnished with onions and peppers), and Kitfo (fresh minced lean beef seasoned with herbs butter and mitmita (hot peppers).

All this was extremely filling for 5 people. What made me lose my appetite though, was the waitress who fed us. Once she learned that this was some of our first times eating Ethiopian food, she grabbed some bread, dipped in the food vigorously (and by vigorously, her fingers dipped into the food as well) and told us to open our mouths. She did this 4 other times to feed each of us. Other than that, I would recommend this place as it's dirt cheap! I even had a beer and the meal came out to $12.

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  • That's hilarious. I've always wanted to try Ethiopian, but not get fed by a stranger...
    Nelson @ 2009-08-10

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