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Ava and Allen Wedding

Posted: 07/21/09

Ava and Allen Wedding

Restaurant: Le_Jardin

Nelson @ Ava & Allen's Wedding at Le Jardin: They elected to go with a chinese banquet meal (by Jacky Young) at a banquet hall, which is the most expensive option.

They started off with the mixed platter. I like this better than just the suckling pig, but apparantly just the suckling pig is more expensive and considering more luxurious. Personally I like tasting the different meats.

I didn't catch the scallop & squid dish before it was distributed by the wait staff. As you can tell it was popular.

The shark fin soup was served in a metal bowl...don't know if that was intentional. I don't think it affected the taste though. Apparently they say the when shark fin is served from a bowl, you can get uneven distribution of shark fin, as most of it sinks to the bottom. Something to remember!

Next is a veggie dish with mushrooms, then the steamed fish dish. The lobster was pretty good and different from most I've had. I think it was baked, as it was fairly dry, but dry in a good way. It was tasty and I liked the lobster dish.

Finishing off the main course is the crispy chicken (apparantly it's bad luck to have a steamed chicken) and the noodles and fried rice.

To finish off, a tiramisu cake was served. I don't remember if this was the wedding cake or not... The crab claws came out with sparklers. Mine was a bit cold, but I still enjoyed it.


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  • Yeah, when I saw the metal bowl, I didn't like it. I wonder if it's the banquet hall's serving dishes or the caterer's?

    I came here for my high school prom (served banquet hall food obviously), and it's been renovated like crazy ever since. Actually, if you go back there now, there's a walmart and an LCBO and a plaza right beside it!
    dre @ 2009-07-21

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