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Best Club Sandwich Ever, ForeverEver

Posted: 07/19/09

Best Club Sandwich Ever, ForeverEver

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Home: The next day I came up with the idea to make club sandwiches. We had avocado and turkey leftovers already. I went out and bought bacon and thick sliced (white )bread.

We toasted the bread perfectly. Slathered some mayo on the bread, threw the turkey and bacon on top. We cut up avocado, lettuce and tomatoes and threw that on. we triple stacked and skewered with long toothpicks to cut into fourths.

OMG, this was soooooo goood. Everything tasted fresh (lettuce and tomato) , rich (avocado, mayo), crunchy (bacon, toast), soft (turkey, avocado) and just perfect.


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  • looks soooooo goooodd. i love club sandwiches. had to use white even though brown is better for you.
    grace @ 2009-07-19
  • I never think about putting avocados in a sandwich! I should buy avocados more often, especially since I like guacamole anyway! Multi-function!
    dre @ 2009-07-21

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