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Blue Jays' All You Can Eat Game

Posted: 07/24/09

Blue Jays' All You Can Eat Game

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre

dre: Lemuel is a big Bo-Sox fan, so he always wants to watch them when they come into town. On this particular weekend, the Blue Jays featured their All You Can Eat section in the 200 level. Doug really wanted to go, so we had a cousins' day out at the ball park.

Doug, the crazy man he is, worked out like crazy and practically anorexia-ed himself before this day. He conquered all with his 9 hotdogs and nachos and Coke and chips.

I did not work out extra, but I did stuff 7 hotdogs down my throat, plus nachos (without cheese) and Coke.

Lemuel also had 7 hotdogs and Mike had a mere 3 hotdogs. I think he was the smartest of us all.

After this moment, I cannot stand to eat anymore hotdogs even if they were free.


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  • Ready for the next one???.
    Nelson @ 2009-07-29

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