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La Chine Cuisine's Shrimp/Chicken/Fish/Pork

Posted: 07/15/09

La Chine Cuisine's Shrimp/Chicken/Fish/Pork

Restaurant: La_Chine_Cuisine

Nelson @ La Chine Cuisine: This is a good restuarant for a fancy Chinese meal because the interior is elegant, the food tastes great and the presentation is nice.

We started with a deep fried shrimp with garlic. When it is deep fried at a really high temperature, you can eat the shell too. This was a tasty way to start the meal.

Next was a half chicken with various small eats. I like the sauce of provided a gritty sesame type sauce that goes really well with the salty chicken.

Next is a stirfried fish and vegetable dish with bono flakes on top that move by themselves. Always an entertaining dish for it's visual appeal, but this also tasted great with the large portions of fish cooked just right. The crunchy snow peas complements the soft texture of the fish.

Next is a stack of honey garlic (chinese style) pork ribs. These are really sweet and sticky with honey and covered with garlic. The sweetness of the honey combined with the fattiness of the pork made this a great tasting dish.

Last main is an eggplant dish with minced pork. Interesting presentation, but the eggplant needed to be cooked just a tad more. Otherwise a dish that went really well with the remaining rice.

To finish, a mango pudding.

An excellent chinese restaurant and since I was not paying the bill, I didn't mind eating there!

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  • is this place fancier than the grand?.
    dre @ 2009-07-15
  • I've only been to Grand for Dim Sum, so it's hard for me to say. I'd imagine Grand is fancier because they have more unique items on their menu and they are more progressive. La Chine Cuisine has the basic chinese foods, but done really well and presented nicely.
    Nelson @ 2009-07-16
  • "Classic" instead of "basic" is a better word in the above sentence
    Nelson @ 2009-07-17
  • yummy
    grace @ 2009-07-19

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