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Sugar Plum Crumble from William & Sonoma (sucks)

Posted: 07/13/09

Sugar Plum Crumble from William & Sonoma (sucks)

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: At the checkout line (yes, I actually bought something from there...it was a gift), the Sugarplum Crumble Specialty Breach Mix was on sale for $5, so my sister and I decided to try it out.

It was packaged very nicely and pretty easy to make as well. There was the crumble part (mostly sugar), the sugarplum sauce part and the cake part.

You are suppose to pour half the cake part in and put a layer of sugarplum in and then pour the rest of the cake mix. But Grace made the executive decision to split it into two cake trays. As a result, there was too little sugarplum sauce in both, and even though you can see the nice swirls before we baked it, there was virtually nothing after we baked it.

The end result didn't taste that good, it was a little dry and not very tasty. I think we diluted the recipe too much and as a result it was a fail. But maybe it sucked to begin with (it was on sale after all...)


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