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Milestone's 3-Way Ribs & Pastas

Posted: 06/29/09

Milestone's 3-Way Ribs & Pastas

Restaurant: Milestones Toronto

Nelson @ Milestone's: I like Milestone's as the food quality is good, the menu fairly inventive and they have good presentation. It's a little pricey, but not crazy (it is a chain afterall)

We started with Calamari Steak Strips with Andouille Sausage Ragu, which is thinly sliced crispy calamari steak topped with spicy sausage tomato caper sauce, preserved lemon aioli. The cut of the calamari was new to me and I liked it. The calamari was a bit soft and it wasn't that crispy, which is different, but still good. I think a lot of places really overcook their calamari and all you taste is oil and batter, but here you can really taste the calamari. The sausage bits and sauce went well with this dish and I really liked it.

My mom had the seafood Fettucini, with Wild West Coast Salmon, Corvina Sea Bass and shrimp tossed in a spicy chardonnay cream with fresh spinach, roasted Italian tomatoes, red onion and lemon gremolatta. Gremolatta more or less means chopped/ground herbs and zest. This had a lot of large chunks of fish, which is always nice.

The next dish is the Portobello Mushroom chicken, double breast, with sliced portobello mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with plenty of fresh basil, roasted garlic and reduced reggiano cream served over capellini. I remember the sauce being very rich, but I had only a taste of this dish. It's not too often I capellini at a restaurant for whatever reason.

And finally I had the three-way rib frites. Trio of 3-bone racks, grilled and each basted with different flavourings - Ginger Soya with basil & toasted sesame, honey chipotle glaze, garlic butter brush with wine country seasonings. Served with yam frites. The ribs were cooked really well and the three different flavours made it interesting. The top one looked the most appetizing (Ginger soya) and the bottom one (garlic butter) looked like a steak with bones, but the most visually unappealing one, the honey chipotle glaze, tasted the best in my opinion. All three were really good and I would gladly eat a full rack of any one of them. This was an excellent meal.

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  • I didn't realize their calamari was a fancy cut. Your ribs look good and I like how the served it with sweet potato fries.

    There was a good month or 2 in 3rd year where we ate angel hair pasta everyday because Gerald really liked making it with szechuan sauce.
    dre @ 2009-06-29

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