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Sandvine Christmas Dinner

Posted: 06/27/09

Sandvine Christmas Dinner

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Sandvine Christmas Party: I was lucky that my Mike & Maggie invited me to their Christmas party. It featured a Penn & Teller show, which was excellent. For food, they set up various themed stations serving a wide variety of appetizers. The first picture is mini burgers and mini hotdogs with bruschetta.

The second station had montreal smoked meat sandwichs, cheese, tomatoes artichoke, olives, hummus and pitas. The sandwich was pretty filling

The next station was an asian themed one with vegetarian sushi, thai chicken skewers (these were good), siu mai that were strangely green and some other finger foods.

Last, the dessert table had a lot of cookies in different varieties (not shown), these chocolate cups, chocolate strawberries, fruit tarts and fruit. I was driving so I couldn't have much alcohol. The show was really good though!


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