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Kitty's Birthday at Tucker's

Posted: 06/23/09

Kitty's Birthday at Tucker's

Restaurant: Toronto Tuckers_Marketplace

Nelson @ Tucker's Marketplace: I suggested Tucker's Marketplace because the birthday person gets a free meal!

To start, there was a sign that said Toronto Sun readers voted Tucker's to have the best chili. I gave it a try and it is really good, one of the best I've had and probably one of the best parts of this meal. I also tried a bit of the different salads.

Since we were getting one meal free, we decided not to be totally cheap and ordered a drink. It was small and a rip-off, so I'll remember that for next time.

Starting into the mains, they have foods from different cultures. Kitty and I both had healthy helpings of mussels.

The fifth picture is my meat plate. Roast Beef, steak, and lamb.

They also have a pretty decent stir fry station, but it almost feels like a waste eating rice and stir-fry vegetables, so Kitty and I split this plate.

Then I had to have a few steaks. They are really really thin, but they cook faster. They put some seasoning on it that tastes really good and the meat is decent so I like it, as evidenced by the multiple helpings.

They have a bunch of made from scratch desserts, that I had to try.

The ice cream picture is something we made up ourselves. We took some vanilla ice cream and mashed up real cheesecake into it and mixed it up. The result is a really really good cheesecake ice cream. Yum!

Then we got creative again and created a chocolate lover's dessert. A brownie cake topped with chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and covered with hot fudge. So good.

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  • That's a lot of meat! I really like their chili!
    dre @ 2009-06-23
  • the chili is also voted best by 680 news!
    mike @ 2009-06-23
  • Sorry, I may have gotten it mixed up...maybe it was just 680 news and not The Sun.
    Nelson @ 2009-06-24

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