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Royal Meat BBQ

Posted: 06/19/09

Royal Meat BBQ

Restaurant: Royal_Meat_BBQ Toronto

Nelson @ Royal Meat BBQ: This fancy burger place in Etobicoke is really unique. First their store is beautiful, with the counter made up of a display of all the refridgerated raw meats. It looks great behind the glass, if you are a meat lover. It's a Serbian place which serves non all beef burgers. They server (gigantic) pork and veal burgers (Kitty only ordered the 1/2 pounds, they have 1 pounders). It's pretty tasty and different from your regular burger.

I tried the Grilled pork and although a little chewy because of the tendons, it was still quite good.

The toppings are also unique. They have a (clotted) cream cheese spread called Kaymak. They lay it on thick and the texture is very heavy, thick and rich. You can see this in the first picture on the top bun. They also have a red pepper sauce that also tastes good (seen in the bottom picture's top bun). All this on a large bun with your choice of vegetable toppings. The fries were also freshly deep fried with really hot oil making them very tasty.

The burgers are very messy to eat as they tend to break apart, but they are worth the hassle. The prices are definitely on the high side, but it is a great treat once in a while.

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