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Sam Woo BBQ

Posted: 06/17/09

Sam Woo BBQ

Restaurant: Mississauga Sam_Woo_BBQ

Nelson @ Sam Woo BBQ: This place has the best chinese BBQ pork (Char Siu). We were at the Mississauga location for Dim Sum and we had to order a plate of BBQ meat because it was so good. Chi really likes chicken feet so we had two orders that Howard brought back for her. I come here quite often, because it's close to my place and it's good.

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  • Mavis and Eglinton?

    My family used to come here a lot until they opened a Chinese restaurant in Brampton! I haven't been here in almost a decade!
    dre @ 2009-06-17
  • Yup, Mavis and Eglinton. They have other restaurants in Scarborough as well, one seafood, one BBQ.

    How many Chinese restaurants does Brampton have?.
    Nelson @ 2009-06-17
  • Just 1 - large banquet style. And we get discounts there because we go so much haha

    Many people have weddings there (but I do not recommend it for you because it's really ghetto).
    dre @ 2009-06-22

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