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Spring Rolls Pho

Posted: 05/28/07

Spring Rolls Pho

Restaurant: Spring_Rolls Toronto

Nelson @ Spring Rolls: Spring Rolls is a "pan-asian" cuisine place, which means it's really popular with the white folk. I think it's mostly because of the decor and presentation of the food is more geared towards Western expectation. This is the fanciest pho I've seen in a while, but personally I prefer the L or XL round bowls you get at real Viet places.

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  • not even knowing the prices, i predict that you got totally ripped off from this pho.....taste AND price hahah
    dre @ 2007-05-28
  • I think this was about $7, which I think is usually the price of the XL. Kitty couldn't finish it though, so I guess the size was alright for her. I think they could price it higher still and get away with it on unsuspecting white folk
    Nelson @ 2007-05-28
  • I enjoy pan-asian cuisine. Pho looked yummy though I usually go for 'Thai' dishes when I eat out at pan asian.
    Grace @ 2007-05-28

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