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The Loose Moose

Posted: 06/05/09

The Loose Moose

Restaurant: The_Loose_Moose Toronto

Nelson @ The Loose Moose: As we were exiting the Skydome from Halladay's 14 SO complete game performance last Tuesday, this guy kept on saying let's go to the Loose Moose. He just kept saying it and was annoying. This has nothing to do with this post.

I didn't go to the Loose Moose that night, but I have been there. I tried their Reuben sandwich. It was really good and really hit the spot. Even their fries were thin, salty and fresh, and I found them to be tasty. Kitty had a burger with mushroom and cheese, and the bite I had of it was also pretty good. So this place has decent food for a bar.

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